Marianne Adandé

I work with individuals aiming at greater welfare, improved quality of life or better communication for themselves or their couple. I also help ðin the discovery and freer expression of the creative being.

Having experienced fulfilling transformations, thanks to Gestalt-therapists who had supported me, I chose to become a Gestalt-therapist myself. I take pleasure in encountering and walking along those who dare plod along their own path; I like supporting young people as their mobilize their creativity in all kinds of areas.

I attended the full Gestalt-therapy training curriculum with great mentors in the profession in France. This therapeutic posture is, in my view, particularly relevant for the care of individuals facing difficulties in their daily lives. I hone and regulate my practice as a therapist under the guidance of a supervisor registered with our association.

I aim to be both attentive to the request of my patients and flexible in the way this attention is expressed. With them, I try to find a rhythm that suits both of us so that, together, we may explore the different aspectsð of whatever drains, scares, bores or hampers them as well as the multiple perspectives and avenues of actions that crop up during our work.

My experience has built up and grown thanks to all those who have expressed their love of life and their hate of life in the safety of my office. Through them, I have learned that suffering is not the responsibility of the sufferer. The support of a therapist is a precious help in alleviating and appeasing its violence! It is of great importance to me that I lend my hand today to those who grope along their way in obscurity, as I once did, and help them find light, heat and human density to share.