Code of Professional Ethics

As a certified Gestalt therapist and permanent member of the Société Française de Gestalt (S.F.G.), I adhere to the provisions of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy's Code of Ethics which the S.F.G. has endorsed and enhanced.

Patients' best interests, values and dignity are the prime concern of the psychotherapist who is committed to respecting and supporting these to the best of his/her skills and competencies. Therapists are bound by the strictest secrecy. Everything that takes place and is disclosed during sessions is totally confidential. Therapists are also bound to give patients accurate, reliable and objective information, notably on all therapy modalities and arrangements, and on patients' rights, including the right to choose a therapist and the right to appeal in the case of a dispute. Providing deceptive information or advertising is strictly prohibited.

The Gestalt-therapist is committed to providing patients with the highest level of professional support and care. This entails lifelong learning and training which enables the therapist to keep his/her knowledge, skills and competencies up-to-date. Only those forms of therapy in which the therapist has been duly trained and certified, as evidenced by professional diplomas and certificates, will be offered to clients. Therapists also participate in collaborative research and contribute to the further development and evolution of Gestalt therapy.

The full text of the Code of Ethics is available on the Société Française de Gestalt's website.