Individual Gestalt-therapy

The therapist's support is an invitation to lay down one's burden on a person who is responsible and understands the full extent of one's suffering. It also provides the benefit of a complete confidentiality, a necessary requirement to explore and confront what hurts or hinders our daily lives in a safe environment.

During a one-on-one session, I invite you to slow down and together we observe what your level of implication in your choices and orientations are. Beside you, I look at how you view the world and together we explore new avenues available for you to live in less painful ways.

Individual Gestalt-therapy sessions are appropriate and effective to overcome chronic states of malaise, or when feelings of confusion, inability to make decisions, discomfort or nervous strain occur frequently. Specifically, depression, repeated failures, sexual dysfunctions, professional or personal stress, insomnia or nightmares, eating disorders, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, irritability and difficulties in relating and communicating with others are situations where one-on-one session are recommended.

Gestalt-therapy is also very useful to those who have experienced traumatic events and suffer from high level of post-traumatic stress, particularly in the aftermath of an accident, a surgery or severe illness, bereavement or divorce.

Thus, the therapist's support makes it possible to explore safely how each individual experiences the world, to recognize what causes one to suffer and to discover new ways to take up life differently.