Professional Profile

Permanent Member of the Société Française de Gestalt (S.F.G.)
Member of the Fédération Française de Gestalt-thérapie et  Psychanalyse (F.F.2.P.)

Professional Experience
Private Gestalt practice, Paris, France (2003 to the present)
Psychotherapist, Laquintinie Hospital (Psychiatric Ward), Douala, Cameroon (1998-2001)

Gestalt Therapy Training and Experiential Workshops and Courses (2005 - 2009)
Edith Blanquet: Psychopathology and Phenomenology
Carol Vidal-Graf: Systemic and Gestalt Therapy for Couples
J.M Delacroix, J.P Remaud and B. Seyes : Gestalt Therapy for Groups
J.P Remaud and M. Grand: Self-Theory
Bob & Rita Resnick : Couples Therapy: Theoretical and Practical Workshop (in English)
Ecole Parisienne de Gestalt (The Gestalt School of Paris): Gestalt Therapist Certification and Diploma (1997 - 2002)

Master's in Information and Communication, CELSA, Paris IV-Sorbonne University, Paris
Certificate of Proficiency, British Institute of Paris, France
Vrye Academie Art Institute, The Hague, Netherlands